Can I get rubber torsion axles?

Yes, rubber torsion axles may be installed. There is less noise with these axles and may take longer to condition the cattle to come to your trailer.

Can I feed any type of cattle fines to my horses?

No…. Consult your veterinarian and send a sample of your fines to a lab for testing before feeding them to you horses!

How can the horse troughs inside the trailer be cleaned?

There is a 3/8 “gap on each end – use simple pressure washer to completely clean out the troughs. We recommend the feeder be empty while washing the horse troughs.

How long does it take to condition the cattle to come to the trailer?

Typically, by the 3rd or 4th trip the cattle recognize the sound of the trailer, more so if they are already accustomed to T & S Feeders.

How much feed does the feeder hold?

2000+ Pounds