Features of
the fine one feeder trailer

Clocking Device

Clocking Device

  • Indicates the position of the hay spikes
  • Located on the back bumper of the trailer
  • Visible from the rear view mirror of your truck

Feeder (Patented T & S trip hopper)

  • Feed cubes are loaded into the top forward bin with a storage capacity of 2000 pounds V-0:55
  • The trip hopper is remote controlled from the cab of your truck dropping cubes in piles P-3135
  • A hand held remote is an option offered to control the feeder while on horseback ……. park your rig inside the pens or trap while operating the feeder a distance away! V-3:36
  • Use the noise from the trailer and the trip hopper to condition your cattle to run to the trailer rather than hightailing it to the roughest part of the pasture V-1:16
Feeder (Patented T & S trip hopper)
Fine Box (Patent Publication # US2015/0305299)

Fine Box (Patent Publication # US2015/0305299)

  • Loading cubes from overhead bins, rough country/pasture roads, and vibration from the trailer will causes the cubes to separate from the fines. The fines fall through this unique patented system storing them for later use. V-0:59
  • No more pouring fines on the ground. This system catches 1 to 6% of total cube feed bulk weight that was once lost. P-3225
  • Less exposure of ground diseases that cattle could contract through eating small fines mixed with dirt V-1:04
  • Supplement your horse feed bill or eliminate it all together by feeding the fine to you horses (Consult your veterinarian and send a sample of your fines to a lab for testing BEFORE feeding them to your horses …NOT ALL BULK CUBE FEED IS SAFE FOR HORSES)


  • Wood flooring comes standard on all trailers
  • Aluminum is optional
  • Designed for very little resistant when dragging large cattle in the trailer
  • Enough contrast between slats to prevent horses from sliding down
  • No more use of cattle panels on the floor for traction
  • Easily cleaned
Hay Spikes (Patent Publication #US2015/0305299)

Hay Spikes (Patent Publication #US2015/0305299)

  • The patented rear bumper is equipped with remote controlled hydraulic hay spikes P-3169
  • Easily loads and hauls one bale, but will haul a second bale for longer trips P-3142
  • Saves time and money while eliminating the use of multiple vehicles P-3148
  • Saves on the cost of maintenance, tags, insurance, and fuel P-3165

Top Door (for loading feed cubes)

  • Standard fill door measures 36” X 36” and slides open manually
  • Rubber tie down strap to secure the door
  • A remote hydraulic door opener is an option that can be installed to conveniently open/close the door from the comfort of the cab of your truck
Top Door (for loading feed cubes)
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